Improvising for the Holidays


Our Christmas plans are changing this year, whether we like it or not. No daily Christmas activity during Advent. No picture with Santa (first time – ever). No time to watch Christmas movies together. Very little time to craft, let alone shop. Very little resources for shopping.

All this thanks to our big move, and most recently, to ballet, which has proven to be an expensive and enormous time-sap.

We have already reduced our Christmas celebration to a minimum in the last few years, to focus more on family, our faith, and helping others, so it doesn’t feel like there is much more to trim away. And yet, thanks to limited cash and an impossible dance schedule, we are feeling the need to improvise, to be creative, once again.

Perhaps saving our gift exchange for Epiphany (12 days after Christmas when it is Christian tradition to recognize the coming of the wise men)? Or perhaps twelve days of Christmas, where we would give our children a little something every day, as we are able to craft it, acquire it? We’re still trying to figure it out, and dealing with the fear of disappointing our children. And probably a bit about being disappointed ourselves.

In what ways have you had to improvise and be creative around holidays? Is anything different for you this year?

~ Jeremy

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