Wonderful, Messy, Children

In the last few days, my children (all girls, in case you’re just tuning in), have:

– created saw dust paths throughout our entire yard, calling it snow, which came from cutting up our fallen tree, and there is now “snow” all over the inside of our house.
– made it “snow” on their 2 yr old sisters head.
– created a mud pit in our backyard and walked around the inside of our house with muddy boots on.
– one of them accidentally sprayed her sisters with mud
– two of them decided to dump 3/4 of a bottle of dog shampoo into the bathtub. They only managed to miss the bathtub with about 1/4 of the bottle.
– clogged the toilet with copious amounts of poop and toilet paper, and hiding their work by simply closing the lid for someone else to discover.
– gotten out and played with at least half a dozen games and toys with many pieces (Legos, blocks), and left them there for other’s feet to destroy and get destroyed on.
– scattered pretzels, walnuts, and almonds around the house. I know for sure that there was a trail of walnuts that Sugarbaby (2) was supposed to gobble up and follow. She was a doggie and there is no way she could have gotten through the amount of walnuts left for her to sniff out and consume.
– acquired a number of scrapes, bumps, and bruises.
– slapped, punched, kicked, and screamed at each other.
– and they have also worked out their conflicts with a little help from their Daddy or a big sister.
– had a blast doing it all (except for the fighting bit; no one had fun with that).

This isn’t a complete list, but it goes out to all the people who claim that girls are easy, clean, proper, gentle, etc. and boys are messy, violent, dirty, etc.

Some kids are girls, and some kids are boys, but one thing is certain: if you let them, kids will be kids.

~ Jeremy

Fun at the park with Sugarbaby (2)


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